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Bet on transformation!

Every day it becomes more indispensable to turn normal cities into smart cities.
Smart Cities are cities that bet on technology to improve delivery
public services to the population and also improve the quality of life of citizens.

Bet on Exati to help you in this transformation!!

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Smarter cities, more connected citizens.

Exati is a brazilian leader in street lighting management software and has leveraged its smart city management expertise to bring a scope of solutions to enhance management in multiple niches.

The company's objective is to improve the population's quality of life and to offer technologies capable of improving citizens' daily lives. For this, it brings innovations focused on connectivity, agility, sustainability and economy.

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Exati City Management Platform

The Exati Smart Cities platform is a combination of all the management software needed to keep an organized city on one platform. Thus, the manager can have access to all information, optimize the work of teams in the field and streamline the solution and maintenance of public services.

New case success: Salto!

Find out how the city became a Smart City

Public Lighting Management Software:

Find out how it works 

"It is very dynamic and didactic, this facilitated the implementation of the system. We are able to determine deadlines, see what was used of material, time spent by the team, hiring of labor, vehicles and reducing operating costs."

João Paulo Assis - Contract Manager

The partnership with Exati makes it possible for us to carry out the work efficiently, meeting the lighting points quickly. With such a system everything is much easier. Today we have peace of mind to work. ”

Renata Cavalcante - Electrical Engineer

"Our great gain was the ability to demonstrate the performance of services in accordance with the quality standard, facilitating accountability with the contractor and creating a bond of trust."

Mickey H. Sigrist - Planning Analyst

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Exati + CityFlow Platform: Remote Management Infrastructure

Get to know the work of CityFlow, Exati SpinOff, focused on bringing telemanagement and IoT solutions with

improve city management and public services. Integrate the telemanagement system in your city and

start increasing your profit while improving population satisfaction.

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Learn More Our experts:

Weiss Naressi Tennis

Weiss Naressi Tennis

Co-Founder and CEO

Expert in systems and IoT for city management.

André Mariano

André Mariano

Co-Founder and CTO

Process Management Specialist.

Joaquim Albano

Joaquim Albano

Partner and COO

Operational Management Specialist.

Felipe Gabardo

Felipe Gabardo

Partner and CEngO

Technical responsible for the Telemanagement project.

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