Exacted against COVID-19

Given the current scenario, we want to help cities in the fight against coronavirus. 

Our platform is available 100% free for planning routes and monitoring external teams in real time for institutions and companies that are actively fighting COVID-19. 

With the field team management functionality, it is possible to optimize routes, identify those responsible and which materials were used in city maintenance services. In this way, the teams are less exposed to the virus, ensuring their safety and preventing the spread of the disease. 

Optimization of activities reducing time in external work 


Control of deadlines, materials and use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

The system does not allow two teams to travel to meet the same address as it groups all demands.

100% digital productivity reports which allows you to carry out thestrategic actions carried out in a more objective way


How does the Exati system work?
The Exati platform for Smart Cities is a combination of all the management software needed to keep an organized city. In it, the manager is able to access all information to optimize the work of external teams and streamline the solution and maintenance of public and private services.
How long can I use the platform for the COVID-19 Project?
The initial term is 4 months. However, this date can be extended according to the needs of the cities. The priority here is to fight the coronavirus in the best possible way, taking as long as necessary.
Will I have any support when deploying the platform?
Yes. We have a team of specialists who will assist users in the implementation and use of the software.
Can public and private institutions use the system?
Of course. Exati software is available to public agencies, private companies and social institutions that are actively fighting COVID-19.