Efficient and simplified management of afforestation and green areas.

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Effectively manage green areas of your city

The System is focused on the efficient management of urban afforestation and green areas, focusing on tree registration, citizen service, field operations, preventive maintenance and the environment. 



QR code when registering trees

Know the destination of each material

Track the use of PPE and EPCs


Multiple inventory control

Citizen service

Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance is essential to minimize the loss of trees and avoid accidents caused by their falls. Avoid high costs in the process of preserving green areas with regular planning and maintenance. Together with the Forestry Management system from Exati Tecnologia, these services become easier and more practical for the manager and the external team!
Real-time tracking
The software has integration with the mobile devices of the teams in the field, so it is possible to monitor the entire operation. The manager can keep track of the entire schedule and manage deadlines straight from the office.

  • Data updated through record of interventions
  • One-click management charts and reports
  • Remote surveillance of trees and flowerbeds
  • All digital. No paper or printing
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  • Digital forms without incomplete information.
  • All information available on the online platform.
  • Data updated through the record of interventions.
  • One-click management charts and reports.
  • Growth history and automatic work order generation.
  • Remote supervision of trees and flowerbeds.
  • Control of multiple stocks.
  • All digital. No paper or printing.
Increase productivity
The productivity of your team directly impacts the deadlines and the quality of the service provided. Having the right number of teams and extracting maximum productivity from each team is a big challenge that the Exati platform solves.
QR code
Instead of placing the platelets, the system generates a QR code upon registration of the tree with the following information: 

  • Photos from the tree.
  • All data from the tree.
  • Registration data.
  • Nameplate number.

For the population, the QR code opens a website that features:

  • Easy call opening.
  • Species information and historical tree data.
Manage and manage green areas

in an effective and advanced way

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