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Efficient and simplified management Road Maintenance.

  • Identify regions with the highest number of occurrences through geolocation.
  • Create specific work orders for each ticket.
  • Monitor the work of external teams in real time.
  • Perform preventive maintenance from patrol operations.
  • Monitor the temperature of the asphalt mix, avoiding waste.
  • Ensure team safety with mandatory APRs.

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Have full control of ManuRoad maintenance in your city

The Software for Road Maintenance Management is a system aimed at the efficient and automated management of public services.
With it you can follow in real time the field teams and their demands.

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Simplify the opening of tickets

On the Exati platform, calls are made by the population in a simplified way.

Whether through the online portal, call center or via the 156 City Hall's customer service, requests are automatically inserted into the route of the team most prepared to handle the incident.

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Preventive and corrective procedures

Perform the proper procedure at the right time.

Based on the monitoring of roads and photographic evidence, it is possible to determine in service orders (OS) what type of procedure should be performed by the external team, as well as the
materials needed for the activity.

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Operation Slap hole

How much mass was used? What temperature is it at? How many holes were plugged?

Through Operation Tapa Buraco, the field team controls all maintenance operations on the public road and is in control of all this information!

Through the resurfacing of the tracks, possible streaks in the existing holes are also identified, which need to be properly treated. A request is made to the City Hall for the service to be carried out and, thus, ensure that the hole plugging operations are always a success!

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Control of Asphalt Mass

Attach photos and fill out forms about operations performed in the field to create an automatic process control report.
Track all work orders at the time they are being executed for information such as:

  • Amount of asphalt mix remaining in the truck.
  • How much mass is used to plug a single hole, allowing a calculation to avoid waste.
  • What is the temperature of the asphalt mix and at what average speed does it cool.
  • Prediction of how many occurrences can be attended to according to the possible use time of the asphalt mix.

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Asphalt Recapping

The system allows the inspection and evidence of all demands to be documented to prove the need for resurfacing.

In addition, it has a special budget survey module and provides all the necessary management to start the work after authorization from the city hall.

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Improve delivery

of your service

Increase productivity
The productivity of your team directly impacts the deadlines and the quality of the service provided. Having the right number of teams and extracting maximum productivity from each team is a big challenge that the Exati platform solves.
Optimize management
Everything that happens in your operation generates a lot of data. This data is of great value and can help you make decisions and even reveal problems you might not have previously observed.


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