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Efficient and simplified management of road maintenance.

  • Manage lighting fixtures in real time or by scheduling schedules;
  • Dimerize the public luminaires;
  • Detect problems such as power outages or burnt out lamps;
  • Take measurements such as voltage and current.
  • Predict maintenance based on data collection.

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    Have full control of road maintenance of your city

    Road Maintenance Management Software is a system for efficient and automated public service management. With it you can follow in real time the field teams and their demands.

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    Simplify Call Opening

    With the road maintenance management platform, the call is greatly simplified by the population. Citizens can open tickets through the online portal, app and call center. Regardless of the platform you choose, the ticket is automatically opened and inserted in the route of the team best prepared to respond to the incident.

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    Corrective and preventive maintenance

    The collected data is stored and grouped, eliminating duplicate claims made for the same occurrence. This functionality is important for handling emergency services, facilitating operational reorganization and also developing an optimized route to reach the required locations. In addition to facilitating the call, the platform optimizes the work of external staff by delivering a complete work order (OS) with images of the problem.

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    Operation: Slap hole!

    • Manage all requests.Dimerize public luminaires;
    • All open requests are managed in a smart dashboard that manages them through priorities, deadlines, distance and etc;
    • Delegate Work Orders (OS) automatically to teams;
    • Allow field staff to open new callings as they feel the need.
    • If corrective paving is not sufficient, allow field staff to gather evidence for the resurfacing request;
    • All service is performed with the use of a Smartphone, where it is possible to monitor in real time the productivity of teams, highlighting through photos the work performed.

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      Asphalt Mass: Track in Real Time

      Track asphalt mass temperature and volume in real time. Find out how much mass is left in the truck after the field crew completes a Work Order (OS), and, depending on the amount, adapt the next demand so that resources are not scarce and wasteful.

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      Asphalt recapping

      The system allows documenting the inspection and evidence all demands to prove the need for recapping. In addition, it has a special budget survey module and provides all the necessary management to start the work after authorization from the city.

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      Improve delivery

      of your service

      Increase productivity

      The productivity of your team directly impacts the deadlines and the quality of the service provided. Having the right number of teams and extracting maximum productivity from each team is a big challenge that the Exati platform solves.

      Optimize management

      Everything that happens in your operation generates a lot of data. This data is of great value and can help you make decisions and even reveal problems you might not have previously observed.

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