Efficient and simplified management of municipal waste.

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of dumpsters

The urban waste management system provides a complete module for registering landfills across the city. For this, it provides an application to be used on the smartphones of the field teams.

This application makes it possible to register all the information in the trash, such as georeferenced location, weight, capacity and others.

To ensure optimal field work, the application makes it possible to register and meet demand offline, so that the external team does not depend on telephone signal.

The manager has access to all points registered by the desktop, mobile and tablet. Presented on the map as colored dots and, by clicking, it is possible to access all information about the dumps, routes, responsible staff and maintenance.

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Side Dishes In real time

The system has integration with the mobile devices of the external teams, making it possible to follow the entire waste collection route.

Staff productivity is optimized as the manager can follow the entire process and manage deadlines.

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Monte your route

In addition to answering calls called by the population, it is also possible to register a route to be taken by the field team.

For this, the software takes into account the capacity of the collection truck and adds a stop for unloading waste every time it reaches its maximum capacity.

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Increase productivity
The productivity of your team directly impacts the service routes and the quality of service provided. Having the right number of teams and extracting maximum productivity from each team is a big challenge that the Exati platform solves.
Optimize management
Everything that happens in your operation generates a large amount of data that, with the right reading, can help you make decisions and even reveal problems that you would not have been able to observe before.


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