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Public Lighting Management Software

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Track your staff!

Follow the map with the external teams, the activities being performed, where the demands are being met, the materials being used and access reports of all calls from your computer, tablet or even smartphone.

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Know the main  functionalities!


Access productivity reports, activities performed, materials used, and more.

Optimized Routes

The system offers an optimized route to make it easier for field staff to move around.

Call Center

Exati provides a call center that is ready to receive any complaints effectively.


Citizens can open a call directly from their smartphone through the Illuminated City app.


Ensure management of all stocks, even materials in team vehicles.

Grouped Calls

The system does not allow two teams to travel to meet the same address, it groups all demands.

Field Teams

Field teams use Android tablets to handle occurrences and receive Work Orders.

Online / Offline

The app works both online and offline for external teams.

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Have ALL the reports!

With the information collected through field team tablets, it is possible to extract any reports regarding management, materials, team productivity, work performed, and others. 

With this data, it is possible to verify practices that improve team productivity and reproduce across the entire staff.

Also, it is available to the manager the report of the materials used, their validity and even points preventive maintenance that must be performed in places with expired parts.

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Works of modernization

In addition to monitoring the maintenance, the system has a module fully focused on the modernization of public lighting points, allowing to develop the processes that involve this operation, perform all modernization, as well as monitor processes and generate reports.

On site, the various work orders that will be generated until it is completed can be tracked. For each work order generated, and subsequently executed, data is generated for follow-up.

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Field team app

In addition to the call opening application, Exati provides an Android version to support field team call handling. The work order (OS) is sent to the team's mobile device so that the team can follow the script and efficiently serve each point sent. 

External staff can work online, sending call completion reports as they are answered, or offline, accumulating calls on the mobile device until they have an internet signal to send information to the server.



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